What is Sage 200?

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While Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software was previously earmarked for sizeable multinational manufacturing companies, more and more small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in various industries are getting a piece of the action. This is because companies that provide ERP software see the advantages it can bring to smaller businesses in a range of industries, and Sage 200 is one of them.


What is Sage 200?


As ERP software, Sage 200 has been designed to help SMBs streamline their business processes using a single system. By integrating HR, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), and stock management, information can easily be shared across the business, improving accuracy and increasing efficiency.


Benefits of Sage 200


Sage 200 has several key benefits that make the life of any SMB much easier:


Microsoft Office 365 Integration


Microsoft Office 365 connects to Sage 200, helping teams collaborate more efficiently, whether in the office or working remotely. Because of Microsoft’s cloud-compliant environment, files no longer have to be tethered to a single computer, meaning valuable time is saved and redistributed more efficiently throughout the business.


Excel Reporting


Sage 200 offers insights into how your business is performing with a single click. Easy to understand Excel reports are automatically formatted and carefully presented for ease of use, providing you with crucial information to improve processes and optimise your business.


Payments Integration


A clickable ‘Pay Now’ button can be added to invoices with Sage 200, helping your business receive payments more quickly while also easing the payment process for clients. As well as saving time from helping you stay on track with payments and with automated transaction reconciliation, Sage 200 offers peace of mind because it eliminates the risks associated with manual methods.


Commercials Management


Sage 200 helps you manage each element of your supply chain, from stock management to purchase order processing, you’re kept in the control of distribution and expanding operations. This integrated approach allows for greater visibility of your processes and minimises risks involved compared with if disparate systems were used.


GDPR Compliance


With data stored securely on OneDrive through Microsoft Office 365, which now connects to Sage 200, data no longer has to be searched for manually. With in-built reporting that flags older data and facilitates the quick updating and deleting of records, it ensures GDPR compliance is easy.




To summarise, Sage 200 is a piece of advanced software that allows small to medium-sized businesses to manage their business processes using a single system. It allows for the integration between HR, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), and stock management, leading to greater connectivity and understanding of operations.


There are several key features and benefits of Sage 200 that enable businesses to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their operations and save valuable time. With cloud connectivity through its integration with Microsoft 365, you and your teams have the freedom to work and collaborate remotely or from the office, enabling greater flexibility tailored to business needs.