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Upgrading from Sage 50 to Sage 200cloud

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Upgrading from Sage 50 to Sage 200cloud

As businesses grow, they often face new challenges such as an increasing number of transactions that need to be input manually and business processes becoming more complicated. While Sage 50cloud is a great accounting solution for many small to medium sized-businesses, eventually businesses find that they outgrow their Sage 50cloud solution when it no longer meets their business requirements or increasingly complex business processes. If you think that your business needs are increasing or are no longer being met, then upgrading from Sage 50cloud to Sage 200cloud could be just what you need.

Upgrading from Sage 50cloud to Sage 200cloud is a natural progression and upgrade path for those businesses that are familiar with Sage Accounts but just need more versatility and flexibility within their accounting solution. With Sage 200cloud, you can reduce complexities and increase efficiencies, all while using a(delete) software that complements your business growth. Sage 200cloud is always up to date with the latest legislation changes to ensure your business remains compliant.

Micross Logic has over 20 years of experience migrating customers from Sage 50cloud to Sage 200cloud, we can help you plan and develop a migration path and manage your migration from start to finish with the minimum of business disruption.

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How do you know if it is the right time to upgrade to Sage 200cloud?

Micross Logic have put together 5 key reasons why your business may need to start thinking about upgrading from Sage 50cloud to Sage 200cloud.

Volume of Transactional Data/Users

As your business grows you may find that the number of transactions that you are entering into Sage 50cloud and the number of users you have inputting the data increases. Sage 50cloud has a limit of 1.5 million transactions and a limit of up to 20 users, 1.5 million may sound like a lot but you may find that after an increase in trading, you may hit this limit quicker than you think. Sage 200cloud is capable of over 9 million transactions, making the software much more scalable and able to grow with your business.


Sage 50cloud does not support authorisation levels. If you have a growing accounts team, with junior staff you may want to set authorisation limits in order to set some control parameters. Upgrading from Sage 50cloud to Sage 200cloud allows you to apply various levels of authorisation limits and also allows you to authorise orders remotely via a secure website when out of the office to ensure that business doesn’t stop when you are not at your desk.


Serial and batch traceability is not available in Sage 50cloud. Sage 200cloud allows full serial and batch traceability, enabling you to track and trace your inventory far more effectively than in Sage 50cloud. Sage 200cloud also enables you to add ‘sell by’ and ‘use by’ dates to help manage perishable items.

However, if stock management is your main pain point, Stock Control for Sage 50 is an addon to Sage 50cloud that can enhance the stock module within Sage 50cloud to give you far greater control over your stock management and also enables you to have serial and batch traceability from within Sage 50cloud.

Financial Period Control

Sage 50cloud can display a warning message to identify transactions posted outside the financial year, however, transactions can be posted into any period. Sage 200cloud uses transaction validation, whereby transactions can be validated by specific dates or open and closed periods to prevent future or prior year postings.

In-Depth Analysis

While the reporting within Sage 50cloud is adequate for many small businesses, however for those that need more in-depth analysis, Sage 200cloud’s three-tiered nominal code structure, excel reporting capabilities and business intelligence modules allows you to report on departments, cost codes, as well as analyse critical business data to make business decision more agile and to give you greater visibility across your business.

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