Sage 200 Stock Control & Inventory Management

Organize your inventory with stock control for Sage 200, and consistently meet your customer needs with end to end control!

Stock Control & Inventory Management for Sage 200

Warehousing businesses using or looking to upgrade to Sage 200, often find that while the financial side of the software works well for their business, the stock management module doesn’t provide a comprehensive and efficient inventory management solution to help their business grow and move forward.

A Complete Integrated Inventory System

Bit Systems’ Bit Inventory 200 is a reliable and powerful barcoding inventory management system that can seamlessly integrate into your existing Sage 200 software, creating a complete integrated inventory system.

How does Bit Inventory 200 work?

With Sage at its core, Bit Inventory 200 enhances the existing functionality of Sage 200, offering a feature-rich, precise, efficient and simple to use stock management solution. Bit Inventory 200 allows your workforce to gather data quickly into a centralised system and can help to improve cash flow throughout your business.

When you integrate Bit Inventory 200 into Sage, entries can be automatically updated, helping you to drive efficiency and enhance performance. Bit Inventory 200 is an advanced and sophisticated system that is capable of growing with your business, meaning you have much more than an entry-level system to improve your inventory management.

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Stock Control for Sage 200 Key features

Receive stock into the warehouse against PO’s in Sage 200 using the handheld scanner, Bit Inventory 200 will then automatically update Sage with goods in, creating more accurate goods in process.

Bit Inventory handheld scanners can be used for managed or ad hoc stock takes to extend control and make your stocktaking process swift, precise and effective in reducing stock count time by up to 90%.

Improve your stock rotation efficiency through productive use of stock and product expiry dates.


Bit Inventory 200 seamlessly integrates into Sage 200 to automate processing and generate real-time visibility to reduce errors and to aid with decision making.

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Use the handheld scanner to select and dispatch stock in accordance with sales orders and automatically print despatch notes from Sage 200. Despatching stock is accurate and efficient when you have Bit Inventory 200 for Sage.

Achieve greater control over your inventory management via stock take by location and serial/batch number tracking for full traceability.

Implement multi-location requisitioning and stock visibility to enhance warehouse efficiency, save time and decrease mispicks by 99%.

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