Sage Customisation

Implement a solution that meets your unique business needs and helps you to achieve your goals

Sage Customisation

Sage 200 and Sage 50cloud are industry-leading commercial financial solutions. However, sometimes one size does not fit all, which is why as well as having core functionalities that most businesses will use, we also provide Sage development services to tailor a solution that better meets individual business requirements.

We understand that your processes and operations are unique to you and your industry, which is why a customised solution is the best way to help your business meet its goals more efficiently.

Sage customisation services can help


Additional modules that take away your pain points and integrate seamlessly into your ERP solution help to create a truly tailored solution for your business to streamline your operations.

to you

With Sage customisation capabilities, our Sage developers can tailor Sage to meet unique processes through automation of tasks and bespoke reporting.


By creating an automated and integrated tailored solution for your business, employees can spend more time focusing on key business task rather than admin processes.

Why choose Micross Logic?

Micross Logic are Sage Platinum accredited developers with over 20 years of experience implementing Sage software. We have the in-house ability to tailor your Sage 50 or Sage 200 solution to meet your exact requirements, whether yo are new to Sage or an existing customer.

Our Sage development and customisation services can range from fully bespoke additional modules and customer forms, to simple additional fields or third-party add-ons. In order to deliver our tailored services, we not only have a team of Sage developers in-house, but we also work with a variety of Sage accredited partners to develop and implement these functionalities.

What can I expect?

Our Sage development team ensures that any business risk in implementing processes or modules is mitigated as far as possible through detailed testing and clear sign-off procedures. This iterative and modular approach allows for projects to be implemented around your current workloads without the need for disruption to your operations.

To achieve this, we pride ourselves on our unique Sage development approach of working in open partnership with our customers, arranging scoping meetings and documenting the works required to ensure that we are understanding and meeting your needs and to provide complete transparency throughout the project. We work with you to ensure process mapping is accurate, complete, and efficient, and the final solution delivers the results that you expected before any modifications or changes are deployed on your live system.

Looking to switch Sage support partners?

If you think that you could be getting more out of your Sage solution and would like to review your support options or just find out what another other Sage Business Partner could offer you, we would be more than happy to help. Whether it be just a price comparison or advice to find out if you are using your Sage solution to its full potential, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Want to switch Sage Partners?

How easy is it to switch?

Did you know how easy it is to switch Support Partners?

It is free of charge to switch business partners; the only change is who your Sage annual licence is managed by and who provides your support.

Why switch Sage Business

Micross Logic has been a Sage Business Partner for over 20 years, all of our support team are fully Sage accredited so we can provide you with the best quality Sage support.

What you need to do to

All you need to do to switch is drop an email to Sage to let them know you want to switch, we will do the rest of the work for

How can we help you?

Are you looking for a solution that can streamline your business processes, enhance performance, and facilitate growth? Get in touch with Micross Logic today to discover how Sage 200 can improve the agility and scalability of your business.

Enhancing business performance

Micross Logic deliver industry-specific integrated solutions to enhance your business performance and make your business more agile and scalable.

Micross Logic works in partnership with you to understand your business goals and challenges to tailor an ERP solution that provides a platform for growth and eradicates your pain points, enabling you to maximise your competitive edge.