Integrated software solutions

Sage 200
Integrated software solutions

Integrated software solutions
Improve business agility, reliability, and growth with Sage 200 - now with Microsoft 365 integration

Integrated software solutions

Sage 200
Integrated software solutions

Integrated software solutions
Improve business agility, reliability, and growth with Sage 200 - now with Microsoft 365 integration

What is Sage 200?

Smarter, powerful, integrated

Sage 200 is a business management solution that has been designed to help small-to-medium-sized businesses manage a variety of operations including their sales funnel, cash flow, compliance, inventory, manufacturing processes, and payments. With in-depth reporting functions also available, it offers full visibility of business performance to help business owners make better-informed decisions.

Discover true business freedom

Control your business

Control your business and gain complete visibility over your operations. Manage multiple companies and access key business insight and financial reports on the go through Excel. Sage 200 gives you business-wide, market-leading software full of supercharged features and functionality when you need them.

Fast-track your financials

Respond quickly to business opportunities and get the insights you need on the go to increase efficiency and profits, and accelerate growth. With Sage 200 you can cut out the tedious task of re-keying bank payments and connect straight to your bank account. Sage 200 saves you valuable time, enabling you to focus on driving your business forward.

Anywhere, anytime

Away from the office but need to make an important business decision? Using the cloud, you can access, manage, and share your data wherever you are, produce sales orders and purchase requisitions, access dashboards and reports, post timesheets, expenses, and more, on the go – allowing you to make what was once lost time, productive time.

Run a smarter, more connected business with Sage 200

Manage everything in one solution on the go, from accounts and customers, to manufacturing, supply chain, business intelligence, and more. Sage 200 uses the power and productivity of the desktop, with the freedom and control of smart, secure cloud & mobile access.

Sage 200 Professional and Sage 200 Standard

Sage 200 Standard

Sage 200 Standard offers a variety of features and benefits for those looking to propel their businesses further. If you’re seeking a step-up in your accountancy system, Sage 200 Standard has the functionality to simplify and streamline business processes.

Sage 200 Professional

For businesses with more complex operations, Sage 200 Professional offers advanced integrations that improves and unifies business processes in a single system, saving valuable time and money.

Sage Comparison

Sage 200 is easily customisable to fit your business needs, only choose the modules you need for your business. Select options to manage stock, projects, manufacturing processes, customers (CRM) and payments. Sage 200 also connects with third-party apps to give you further functionality to suit your business requirements.

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Sage 200 Core Modules


Financials manages the day-to-day running of a business providing users control over costs and processes.

Project Accounting

Project Accounting helps control costs and maximize profits by analysing the detail of every project you manage.


Commercials is designed to help you manage every element of your supply chain helping you keep down costs and deliver what your customers want.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence provides managers with clearly presented business information to plan strategically and identify trends.

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials provides control over the bill of materials process from beginning to end.


Sage 200 includes a feature-rich CRM tool, designed to support businesses analyse, manage and synchronize customer data.

Industry Solutions

Sage 200 Standard and Professional can help businesses in a range of industries, from manufacturing to retail. With an impressive suite of add-on solutions to help the software go even further, Sage 200 can be customised to suit your business’s individual needs.

Whether you’re looking for a system that simplifies processes, saves you time, scales with your growing business, or has the functionality to streamline complex procedures, Sage 200 is a solution that can help you achieve your goals.


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