Codis Excelerator – Excel integration with Sage

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Sage Excel Integration

Most businesses use Excel daily for reporting, calculations, dashboards, it is a familiar piece of software that is flexible, versatile and most users are comfortable using. Codis Excelerator is a powerful Excel add-in that allows for seamless excel integration with Sage.

How Does The Excel Integration, Excelerator, Work?

Excelerator allows users to benefit from the familiarity and flexibility of Excel while still maintaining the control and validation of Sage Accounts. Excelerator validates your data within Excel and highlights any potential errors in data before it is uploaded to Sage. Excelerator identifies the specific excel row that has caused the anomaly, saving you time from searching for errors and increasing accuracy. Excel integration enables your business to benefit from the ease and existing understanding of excel as well as all the added benefits of Sage.

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Excel Integration with Sage Key features

Excel is familiar, intuitive and supremely flexible

It’s perfectly designed for autocomplete, calculations, formulas, highlighting fields, graphs and numerous other data entry tasks.


One login, singular protection

As users must employ their Sage logins to use Excelerator, they will only be able to access the areas of Sage where they have authorisation, keeping all of your business information and data safe.


Harness this familiar versatility to edit Sage accounts data

With no compromise to Excel functionality, you can edit and create new sales invoices, purchase orders, stock items and more.


Effortlessly design your Excelerator templates

With the user-friendly spreadsheet designer, map your Excel data to Sage fields with a single click.


Control, validation and financial rigour

Sage ensures the necessary financial and technical integrity of the data being updated to the Sage database.


Design spreadsheets as forms

To send to the customer, quickly capture their data, add your information and then upload it to Sage via Excelerator.

Real-time responsiveness saves time and increases accuracy

Instead of logging errors in a file, Excelerator provides instant on screen error notifications, so you know straight away which Excel rows have caused the anomaly.


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