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Complete ePoS Software Solutions

An ePoS solution increases sales, customer retention and account management, improves cash flow, increases administrative efficiency and improves your customers experience.

Why your Business needs a Complete ePoS Software Solution

An ePoS software solution in its most basic form can just be a cash register, for example a till that simply records transactions processed. A modern complete ePoS solution that seamlessly integrates into your back office finance, stock control, supply chain and merchandising however, can help your business not only just survive but thrive in a modern retail world where innovation, adaptability and technological advances are known weapons in the armoury of industry leading enterprises. It is a point of service that delivers an enhanced customer experience, whilst being intuitive and efficient to use and for the benefit of both your business and your customers.

The Benefits of Modern Complete ePoS solutions – A Superior in-store Experience

In today’s connected world with omnichannel retail leading to well-informed customers, it is vital that businesses find better ways to serve and provide their customers with a superior in-store experience.

– Helps your business achieve more

A modern complete ePoS software solution that can offer intelligent reporting, dynamic user interfaces and seamless integration into your back-office helps your business to achieve more. From fast transaction throughput to help minimise queues, to accurate stock reporting and custom discounts, our ePoS software solutions can help to ensure increased customer satisfaction and ensure your workflows are seamless.

– Security and business intelligence

As well as enhancing the customer experience while driving the business forward, business owners and stakeholders can benefit from a modern ePoS solution in terms of security and business intelligence; understanding and adapting to the changing shopping habits of their customer base, the control of cash internally and externally and also giving the ability to provide enhanced customer loyalty schemes and flexible secure payment options including Apple / Android pay, Contactless, Chip & Pin and gift card / loyalty schemes.

– Increased sales, cash flow & admin efficiency

Implemented effectively an ePoS solution increases sales, customer retention and account management, improves cash flow, increases administrative efficiency and improves your customers experience. Using modern touch technology, our ePoS solutions are intuitive, simple to customise and easy to use. From a user perspective our ePoS solutions provide full support for secure integrated payment processing devices, hotkey quick sale functionality and live product lookups, ensuring speed of transaction at the till, along with many other vital features such as loyalty cards and promotions.

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ePoS Software Integration

Integration is pivotal to the success of our ePoS customers. There are very few ePoS solutions that truly integrate with either Sage 50cloud or Sage 200. At Micross Logic, we have over 25 years’ experience in ePoS solutions and are recognised as one of the UK’s leaders in providing Sage integrated ePoS software solutions.

Full Sage Integration

It is important to be aware of imitations or systems that profess to integrate with Sage, as often these systems simply provide a basic CSV style output to process into Sage 50cloud or Sage 200. Our integrated systems make Sage 50cloud or Sage 200 the very back bone of your ePoS solution eliminating time consuming database duplication, mismanagement and synchronisation issues.

Retail ePoS

From specialty retails, to toy shops, book shops, and department stores, we have an ePoS solution for every type of retailer.  Whether you are looking to retain customers with loyalty schemes, run intelligent reporting to assess the performance of different retail outlets or be able to easily and efficiently offer discounts and special offers to your customers and identify cross sell opportunities at the point of sale, Micross Logic has an ePoS solution to help make this a reality.

ePoS for small businesses ePoS for larger businesses

Hospitality ePoS

Do you need an ePoS solution that can allow your bar, café or restaurant to manage tables, take orders and payments from a handheld device, as well as dealing with units of measure, custom special offers and product flexibility? Micross Logic can help to create a tailored solution for your business as well as set up intelligent reporting to provide insights into your business, allowing you to make decisions more quickly.

ePoS for small businesses ePoS for larger businesses

Trade Counter ePoS

Are you looking for an ePoS solution that can handle both retail and trade customers? Our ePoS solution offers your trade counter intelligent in-depth reporting by product and by customer and provides accurate stock levels, as well as offering the advanced functionality of customer specific pricing and haggling options for flexible transactions at the point of sale. The unique loyalty options available for customers enhance customer service and help to create a marketing database.

ePoS for small businesses ePoS for larger businesses

Tourist Attraction ePoS

If you run a tourist attraction, you need a solution that can service multiple outlets such as admissions, gift shops and cafes, as well as group booking and discounts. We have an ePoS solution that can offer all of this, plus booking management, customised menus for the different outlet environments and dynamic queue management to assist with improving customer experience as well as making your business more efficient.

ePoS for small businesses ePoS for larger businesses

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With offices in Cardiff, Devon and Cornwall and with over 25 years of experience, Micross Logic helps businesses to improve their performance through the implementation of ePoS and Sage solutions and expert consultancy services.

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