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How Can Document Manager for Sage 200cloud Help You

Consistently meet your customer needs with end to end control from Sage

Document Manager for Sage 200cloud

Typically, most accounting departments not only receive but also produce hundreds and sometimes thousands of documents every month, from purchase orders, to sales orders, invoices, remittances and statements.

Spindle Document Manager is a user friendly and cost-effective way to manage and capture both outbound and incoming documents from within Sage 200cloud. Document Manager gives you complete control over your documents coming in and out of Sage saving you time and reducing the risk of human error. Spindle Document Management provides you with a complete document management solution.

Document Manager for Sage 200cloud Key features

Distribute outgoing documents

Send documents in batches or individually via email

Capture incoming documents

Scan and import documents straight to Sage 200cloud

Invoice payments

Enable a ‘Pay Now’ button on your invoices for faster payments

Purchase Invoice Recognition

Uses OCR technology to automate the invoice process into Sage 200cloud

Online Portal

Allow customers and staff to access Sage 200cloud data and documents

Mobile capture

Capture documents on the go with your mobile device

Document viewing

Documents are linked to accounts/transactions in Sage 200cloud

Our support

The majority of support calls are dealt with through one to one phone conversations or via email; where required our support team utilise TeamViewer to fix issues remotely or we will make an on-site visit to ensure that the problem is resolved.

Our prime focus is to ensure that our customers always receive a rapid response and fix any issues or problems. With a direct line to our support team, as well as our monitored helpdesk our support team are on hand to help and will prioritise issues based on their severity.

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