Know your business inside out with Sage CRM

Sage CRM helps you discover new business opportunities and provide exceptional customer experience.


Grow your business with confidence with Sage CRM

Manage all customer and supplier relationships, activities and interactions all in one place. Fast to deploy and simple to use Sage CRM accelerates sales and drives your business productivity.

Sage CRM offers an out of the box solution with pre-configured functions for customer services, marketing and sales, enabling businesses to start improving their business relations straight away. Highly customisable for businesses with more complex business processes, workflows can be tailored to suit your business and your unique business processes.

Sage CRM can be accessed from any web browser, on a range of mobile devices from your workplace, from home or on the go. A well maintained CRM solution can help improve business profitability by improving business relationships.

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    Accelerate your business growth

    Put your business on the path to growth with Sage CRM. Track your sales performance, generate accurate reports and forecasts and make informed decisions faster than ever before by using the powerful and easy to understand sales reports from within Sage CRM.

    Optimise your marketing spend

    you can plan targeted marketing campaigns with precision across multiple channels using Sage CRM. Track new leads and sales opportunities generated from your campaigns and use the powerful reporting tools to improve on your next campaign.

    Improve your customer retention

    Retaining your customers is vital to business success. Sage CRM will help you to provide excellent customer experience by nurturing your customers, and using valuable information about your existing customers to help find new ones.

    Sage 200 Product Tour

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      Empower your sales, marketing and customer service teams

      Empower your sales team

      Sage CRM gives sales teams the ability to work from a mobile device regardless of where they are located to ensure that they have fast, up-to-date access to customer data.

      Direct your sales efforts towards the most profitable, winnable deals and make the most of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

      Ensure customer satisfaction

      Keep customers happy and loyal by providing them with satisfying and consistent customer experience.

      Sage CRM enables customer issues to be tracked and responded to, regardless of who answers the phone or receives an email, as customer information is stored in one solution.

      Empower your marketing teams

      An invaluable tool for marketers, Sage CRM helps you to plan, execute, and measure the success of every marketing campaign.

      Sage CRM has a fully integrated email marketing solution which enables marketers to track open, click and bounce rates from within Sage CRM.