Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Business Solutions
Enhancing performance for businesses building a more agile and forward thinking operation

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Business Solutions
Enhancing performance for businesses building a more agile and forward thinking operation

Overcome operational challenges

Whether your business is facing challenges with document management, stock management, credit control, customer relationship management, or finding the right data insights, we have solutions to help your business overcome those challenges.

Micross Logic specialises in solutions that can automate lengthy credit control processes, document management processes, and stock management processes to name a few, and gain access to the business data you need for more informed decision making and to gain valuable customer insights for more effective marketing campaigns and spending.

No matter your issue, Micross Logic has the solutions and knowledge to help boost your business performance.


Manage the financial aspects of your business more efficiently with a modern, reliable, and user-friendly financials addition to your ERP solution. By automating lengthy finance processes, productivity can be improved without incurring the extra cost of hiring additional staff.

Credit Control

Improve cash-flow by automating day-to-day credit control processes, meaning more time can be spent chasing debtors and resolving disputes. By adding a feature-rich credit control solution to ERP system, your business will benefit from having a clearer view of your credit management situation.

Document Management

Process high volumes of documents efficiently, with a functional and effective document management solution that integrates seamlessly into your ERP software. By improving accuracy and streamlining your document management processes, more time can be spent focusing on more crucial projects.

Business Intelligence

By providing accurate real-time information, our Business Intelligence solution allows for quicker and more informed decision-making. With visual dashboards that make it easier for decision-makers to find essential business data, strategies can be planned, goals set, and success measured more efficiently.

Stock Control

With benefits including improved accuracy, streamlined processes, and improved efficiency, integrating a Stock Control solution with your ERP system will allow your business to increase productivity and capacity. By automating Stock Control processes from purchase order processing through to printing dispatch notes, your business will heighten its competitivity and improve cash-flow.


Customer relationship management (CRM) systems allow businesses to make the most of every sales opportunity. By automating tasks such as creating quotes to progressing leads, more time can be spent on retaining existing customers and winning new ones. With ERP integration capabilities, you can transform your accounting solution into an effective customer management tool.

Website Integration

Website Integration offers businesses extra functionality that allows effective communication between their e-commerce website and ERP solution. With stock, sales, and customer information being shared securely between the two systems, the customer buying experience is improved and made more efficient, allowing businesses to focus on generating more sales.

Document Recognition

Our document recognition solution automates the process of extracting data and entering that data into relevant fields in your ERP system. With no complicated set-up process, automating data extraction improves accuracy and efficiency, and saves valuable time that can now be spent on other essential tasks.

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    Enhancing business performance

    Micross Logic deliver industry-specific integrated solutions to enhance your business performance and make your business more agile and scalable.

    Micross Logic works in partnership with you to understand your business goals and challenges to tailor an ERP solution that provides a platform for growth and eradicates your pain points, enabling you to maximise your competitive edge.