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Benefits of Sage 200

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With more and more businesses looking to increase efficiency in order to meet the heightening demands of customers, integrated technologies such as Sage 200 are a useful tool to grow revenues, reduce costs and increase profitability.


What is Sage 200?


Sage 200 (or Sage 200) is a cloud-connected Business Management Solution (BMS) designed to help small-to-medium business owners streamline their operations within a single system. The software allows for the integration between HR, accounting, stock management and customer relationship management (CRM), meaning that departments are aligned with each other, improving accuracy and efficiency.


What are its benefits?

Designed for businesses looking to scale or for those with more complex business processes, Sage 200 offers small-to-medium-sized businesses numerous benefits, including:


GDPR Readiness

With in-built compliance allowing users to update and delete records more easily and quickly, Sage 200 helps businesses meet GDPR requirements effortlessly. With additional capabilities that mean the software can identify older data that may no longer be relevant and options to store data securely on OneDrive through Microsoft 365 integration, Sage 200 offers peace of mind that data is maintained and well-protected.


Payment Integration

Invoice payments powered by Stripe and PayPal allow you to add a ‘Pay Now’ button to your invoices. This function makes it easier and more convenient for customers to pay for your business on time. Automated reconciliation of paid transactions to the ledger means that you don’t need to use the valuable time for unnecessary admin, and it can instead be spent on more enjoyable tasks.


Enhancing Efficiency

Sage 200 provides increased functionality through Microsoft 365, allowing sales teams to collaborate with service and finance departments in real-time, whether they’re at home or in the office. With access to important customer account information, your teams gain greater insights into customer profiles and their spending habits, helping sales teams work more efficiently and giving them the power to grow.


Take Control

Sage 200 can be accessed from anywhere using any desktop, laptop or mobile device, giving you complete visibility and control over your operations. With additional functions that allow you to manage multiple companies if needed and access essential insights and reports through Microsoft Excel, Sage 200 seamlessly integrates key business management functions, reducing the need for disparate systems.


Fast-Track your Financials

Save time with Sage 200 by connecting it straight to your bank account, cutting out the monotonous task of re-entering bank payments. With additional functionality that lets you respond quickly to opportunities and offers insights to improve efficiency and increase profits, more focus can be placed on driving your business forward.



Sage 200 helps businesses focus more of their time on the tasks that matter most, like driving the business forward and maximising growth opportunities. This is because the wealth of features available within the software can take care of a number of repetitive tasks, and the software’s in-built reporting offers highly valuable insights that can help increase efficiency and profitability. As a scalable and adaptable solution with a user-friendly interface and customisable screen, Sage 200 is more than just another BMS system.