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Why single-purpose ePoS solutions are a thing of the past

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Single purpose ePoS solutions have slowly become less and less popular due to their limitations, with integrated ePoS solutions becoming exceedingly common, the system of choice due to offering more features and functionality than their predecessors. Naturally, these systems outperform conventional legacy pos systems and can manage multiple tills and sites in real-time.

Business owners are realising the limitations of single-purpose ePoS software and in this article, we’re going to discuss why and show the benefits of using integrated ePoS solutions.

Integration is key with ePos solutions

Your business is made up of front-of house and back-office systems and will therefore require the systems in place to manage and control both of these elements properly. A single-purpose solution, such as a basic POS system is only able to run the point of sale and will limit your organisation.

Due to your business having many multi-layered elements and trading styles, it can force you into utilising to use multiple disparate systems in order to run your business. This approach can result in many issues such as data integrity security, system speed, accuracy and reliability. With an integrated ePoS solution, you can seamlessly integrate your ePoS with your accounts back office and other systems ensuring continuity and accuracy of information, in real-time. Integration is pivotal to the success of our retail customers. There are very few ePoS solutions that truly integrate with either Sage 50cloud or Sage 200cloud. Micross Logic has over 25 years’ experience in ePoS solutions and are recognised as one of the UK’s leaders in providing Sage integrated ePoS solutions.


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When you work with Micross Logic, you benefit from one centralised system that can be monitored, updated and managed simultaneously. It also allows for updates and maintenance to occur at one time, therefore minimising the amount of time your systems could be affected. You also have a team of experts that you can rely on and contact should you have any questions.


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Easy to Use

When working in the customer service or retail industry, speed in dealing with customers is key. Long queues and slow customer service results in poor customer satisfaction, so the quicker you can service your customers, while still offering a positive shopping experience is the key to customer success.

Our integrated ePoS solutions are flexible, dynamic and easy to use. With intuitive dashboards and promotional reminders to your staff to help with up-selling and cross selling, your staff will be able to serve customers quickly and effectively, increasing customer satisfaction and in return boosting profits.


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ePoS solutions that meet your needs efficiently

As well as enhancing the customer experience while driving your business forward, you can benefit from a modern ePoS solution in terms of security and business intelligence. Implemented effectively, ePoS solutions will increase sales, customer retention and account management, improve cash flow and increase administrative efficiency. If you’re interested in utilising modern technology and think you could benefit from our intuitive, simple to customise and easy to use epos solutions, get in touch today.